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Tucson premier piano service Some would say passion for piano craftsmanship has been lost, but not at Ley Piano Company. Founded in 1993 by owner Daniel Ley, Ley Piano Company specializes in the traditional craft of piano care and service. A Tucson born business, Ley Piano Company takes care of all your piano needs including moving, tuning, and refinishing. We are passionate, skilled craftsmen with a desire to continue the tradition of quality piano care into modern day.

Monserrat Grand Piano by Ley Piano Company In addition to the service and care we enthusiastically provide to you and your piano, Ley Piano Company is the proud home of the Monserrat. With only a few hand-crafted piano companies currently operating in the United States, our Arizona built grand piano is making history here in Tucson.

We welcome you to experience our dedication to tradition and excellence.

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