Piano Moving


Piano Moving in Tucson Pianos are very heavy, averaging between 300 - 1000 pounds. Unfortunately, along with the weight come problems of balance and inertia, knowledge of which can make all the difference in moving a piano safely and efficiently.

We have experience, equipment and the knowledge to get your piano to its destination safely. By applying the right technique, the move will operate smoothly. The right equipment is a necessity to move your instrument without the damage. In addition, we can move your piano from room to room or across town. In fact, we can deliver your piano anywhere in Arizona.

No one wants to pay hundreds of dollars in repairs just to save a few dollars on moving costs. Moving pianos with the proper equipment and knowledge can save you time and money. Years of experience and safe moves have given us a solid reputation. Ley Piano Company in Tucson can move your piano with care. We know what the instrument means to you. Allow our professional piano movers the opportunity to move your piano properly.

Please call or visit our contact page with any questions and we can quote you on the move that you require.

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