Piano Restoration and Repair


Piano Restoration Ley Piano Company is known for attention to detail which requires patience and skill. Excellent piano sound originates through a proper functioning keyboard/action assembly, soundboards and proper maintenance of the tuning pins and pin block elements.

We maintain a high level of quality in piano restoration. Our humidity controlled facilities optimizes air quality for wooden parts in the piano. Ley Piano Company uses environmentally friendly exhaust systems to deliver fumes from dust and lacquer outside. All products used have been selected to allow longevity, integrity and stability of your instrument.

For many people, a piano is a huge financial investment and commitment. Refinishing and repairs for a piano is not a do-it-yourself project. It requires much hard work and know how, best left to a skilled craftsman. Good refinishing work can be expensive but is important to maintain the integrity of your instrument.

We are a proud of the work we have done serving our Tucson customers since 1973. We would gladly answer any question you have about what we can do to help improve or extend the health of your piano. Please, don't hesitate to call or visit our contact page.

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